10 Things you didn’t know about Diego Tryno-Zimmagazine

1. He was not allowed to do music up until he turned 19 but he did it secretly since the age of 13.
2 . He was not allowed to perform at after 8pm shows no matter the circumstances.
3 . He started as a dancehall artist named Ricky D before changing to hip hop in 2014.
4 . His first hip hop track ” go diego go” was his first track to win an award .
5 . His girl friend wrote two (2) songs in his debut album Lazarus(Age vol 1)
6 . He went to 5 Primary schools and 3 High schools but never repeated a grade.
7 . He started studying Chemical Engineering in 2019
8 . He is signed to media empire entertainment video label
9 . He is not signed to a record label but works with Nina of 579 music and Dj Dagizus based in Texas.
10 . He was given the cognomen ”Future Billionaire” by his first producer.


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