Jason Britton Net Worth

Jason Britton is a notable American stunt biker, he is an actor, and likewise a television personality. As of April 2020, Jason Britton net worth was estimated at $2 million. Jason Britton has appeared so many time on the popular T.V. series Super Bikes! The famous Speed Channel which commenced in 2006. Jason Britton appeared on so many episodes of the series Stealth Rider in the year 2010. there are other several Movies he appears such like Semper Ride in 2009, and also Decisions ride in 2011. with his much achievement in motorcycle stunts. Jason Britton was nominated In 2005 for Best Overall Stunt through a Stunt Man for Torque. Jason Britton makes his Net worth from his career as a stunt man. He was also the editor executive of the popular stunt magazine 2Wheel Tuner and also made enough income from his acting career which does stunt for movies like N.W.A. Straight out of Compton, Taking of the Pelham 1-2-3, Waist Deep, and Bikers Boyz. 

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