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It made headlines in 1976 as Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold-winning decathlete. Today, Bruce is repeating the trend not this time as an athlete but as a transsexual, Caitlyn Jenner. She has an estimated Net worth of $ 100 million. The first Being up to date with the star Kardashians, she felt liberated after dating as a transgender woman in 2015 and has been praised for saving people’s lives with her decision.

Before she was called the world’s most famous openly “transgender” woman, she lived as a man.

Before Caitlyn Jenner

The secret of my life is the memory that Caitlyn Jenner released, which was focused on her journey to become a trans woman. And today, she is the spokesperson for the LGBT community. But before she became Cait, she was identified as a man, and that was Bruce Jenner. Let’s talk a little bit about Bruce Jenner.

Bruce was born in Mount Kisco, New York on October 28, 1948. He was the Olympic gold medalist, decathlon 1976 at the Summer Olympics in Montreal. The feat earned him an unofficial title as “The World’s Best Athlete.”

She became a spokesperson for Wheaties cereal after her fame and later established a career in television, film, writing, motorsports, business, and as a cover model for Playgirl. The reality show Being up to date with the Kardashians that began appearing in 2007 further increased its prominence.

Bruce Jenner’s transformation

   Growing up as a child between two sisters and having a close relationship with their clothes could be dismissed as normal, but when it turns out that you hate your mirror image, it becomes serious. Jenner, as a boy, struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia as much as he did with gender dysphoria, a condition that had no information or name in conservative Westchester County, New York. tuesday net worth

There were many unanswered questions for Jenner, ranging from whether he is just a transvestite or just gay. However, he did not obtain solutions to his internal confusion and resorted to athletics, being the fastest child in school. But even winning the Olympic gold medal and being publicly acclaimed did not resolve his concern.

Bruce wore his first female dress at age eight and began hormonal treatment in the 1980s. His second wife, Linda, found him as a specialist in gender dysphoria when he discovered his internal confusion. That didn’t stop him from his search that caused the failure of the marriage when Bruce revealed his intention to undergo gender reassignment and started taking female hormones.

Before meeting Kris, Bruce had made a decision to transition before turning 40. Therefore, she had been on hormone replacement therapy for four and a half years and had a bust size of 36B, as revealed in Caitlyn’s memoirs. However, it took Bruce 65 years to appear as a transgender in an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2015, taking the name of Caitlyn Marie Jenner as revealed in the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. As part of the gender transition, Bruce has been in cosmetic surgeries. Fast-forward to 2017; he underwent sex reassignment surgery that he kept a secret from the Kardashians, claiming it was none of his business.

Bruce Jenner’s net worth

Bruce Jenner has done many things that were successful and raised the money. His wealth can be attributed to sports accolades, KUWTK paychecks, book royalties, public appearances without excluding his own reality television series. I’m Cait

With this record, his estimated net worth is $ 100 million (£ 73.8 million). tay keith net worth

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