Tyga Sparta revealed how politicians are spending $900 million per day-Zimmagazine

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1. Zimbabwe government makes 40 – 50 million a day.

2. Per week that is 240 – 250 million (excluding Sundays)

3. Per month that is 960 million – 1 billion

4. This money comes from tollgates, traffic police, 2 percent tax charged on our transactions by Mthuli Ncube, VAT, Duty at boarders, Taxes on fuel, PAYE, AIDS Levy, passports, VID etc etc.

5. This money is supposed to cater for your salary and benefits, for buying drugs for you in hospitals, for making your roads in Kuwadzana, Mufakose, Ruwa, Chitungwiza, Dangamvura, Sakubva, Magwegwe, Nklumane, Mkoba, Chipadze etc etc, for giving you safe water to drink, for treatment of cancer patients , opening industries etc etc

6. But this money, YOUR money buys Ford Ranger for THEIR chiefs, YOUR money buys Mercs for THEIR Ministers, YOUR money is used to hire planes for THEIR trips to Russia at $ US 35 000 per hour and you get a 300 bond salary of YOUR money!YOUR money is used to buy teargas and bullets and fuel for police and army vehicles to supress you!

7. The remainder of YOUR money is all given to Billy Rautenbach, Kuda Tagwirei,Philip Chiyangwa, Wicknell,SB Moyo, Frank Buyanga, Chiwenga, Joram Gumbo, John Bredenkamp,Mirirai Chiremba, John Mangundya,Ozious Bvute, Aaron chinhara, Obert Mpofu and 12 other members of the cartel that runs Zimbabwe! These people then give the country loans for various things including Tagwirei fuel loan five weeks ago. They will be loaning you YOUR money!

So you the vendor and you the worker you are their supplier for what they give to chiefs, buy expensive cars, and use to supress you.They need you to come to work and work for them to take your millions. You dont depend on them, they depend on you.No the other way round.

8. By Staying Away you are cutting your supply of millions of dollars to them. You are cutting the fuel pipe from the tank to the engine of the car. The car will move a little kilometres using the fuel in the engine but it will stop without going anywhere. By staying away you are saying I dont work to enrich Kuda Tagwireyi, I dont work to enrich Wicknell, I dont work to enrich Farai Musarara, not anymore. Without YOUR money from the 2 percent tax, VAT, stalls, road traffic etc etc they wont be able to pay the police and the army or feed them. No man or woman can remain loyal to their orders without food for his family! The army will join you in no time! The police will join you!

9. To reach that stage it takes 15 months for a country like America. 15 weeks for a country like South Africa and just 6 weeks for poor Zimbabwe.

10. So we the vendors and workers can defeat ED and Chiwenga in just 6 weeks with no war, no protests, no demonstrations, no killings. 3 days of stay away wont solve much.

They think we are dogs. Because we hunt and get only bones while they get all the liver and flesh.Vodyira patable isu todyira muchindiro chine tsvina.Ukada kuuya pavari kudyira wonzi pfutseke bhoki. But some of you think its a favour to get bones and tomorrow you gladly go out to hunt thinking if I dont go out to hunt I wont get the bones.

By Tyga Sparta

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