Gokwe Passa Passa a landmark in local entertainment’s history-Zimmagazine

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For a decade Gokwe has celebrated art in the form of music but never has any locally organised festival reached the level set up by the organisers of the recently held Mapfungautsi booster passa passa .

The organisers of the show Logflame arts and Mujamba family expressed gratitude to those who perfomed and those who turned out at the venue to support this venture despite a few jabs and threats that had been thrown in the ring by sunday’s threatening weather.

This day of raggae,hip hop,dancehall and dance brought together different artistes together at the Mapfungautsi booster. Over the years artists like P styles,Major and Gun Fyah were the headlines of most live performance but on this day fate had something different to offer besides these three having displayed top notch performances .

New kid on the block Blackmaster captured the editors attention with his mesmerising new school dancehall pattern . The poor sound quality did not stop this youngling from bulldozing his way through to the crowds hearts through their ears. Hip hop artist Kapital Jaji destroyed the make shift stage through his energetic performance when he staged Boko Haram and was even lifted up by fans registering their approval of his performance .

Other available parties that made the day a successful were the Badzone dancegroup who aired a totally unanticipated move in Gokwe’s entertainment circles through dance. Among the aforementioned performances there was Mr Blackie,Mr Spice, InnoVee,Jaydon,Master star, Skinnerman and the Ndokatundira hit maker Whisky who perfomed for the early birds.

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