HAILING from HillSide, BULAWAYO, Shut Up & Groove Events introduces its newest member and “beauty with the brains.” Kelly Gugu is a young female artist emerging from the modelling scene. She is a beauty with the brains who is beginning year 2020 on an ascending foot. “I have been a model ‘undercover’ for a long time, I can’t remember when I really started,” she said when we asked when she started being a model. Kelly also is a dancer and singer who just hasn’t given the world anything. She is kick starting a proper career with Shut Up & Groove Events under Dr. C’Khupha management. Having faced a lot of challenges trying to find worthy promoters that can get her out to the world, she seems to be content with her new management and is determined to make use of all infrastructure given to her.

“l am a model becasuse it’s something that l grew up admiring on TV l think modelling is what l desire because l believe that if you see yourself getting through a lot challenges because of your talent, it means it’s what God wants you to do l believe in working extra hard to succeed with your God given talent.” The young beauty is bold and shaped by the upheaval encounters the industry has shown her as a woman. With growing agencies known for fake promises aimed at drawing young female models to bed, it is rare to find one that actually decists from indulging in such behavior to succeed in life, if ever any success comes from fornicating with promoters and managers.

Kelly Gugu says that her spirit is driven and uplifted by performing in front of audiences, the more the people in the crowd, the greater her zeal. She wants to always put on a great show for her fans and audience. Her career prospects arouse from her undesirable desire to be a star, “I want to shine and keep giving Bulawayo a great reflection and excellent performances. In fact, I want to be the first famale to get up the ladder by doing everything right, through the right channels.” This is adorable charisma display compared to most young models of today, its a unique spirit in Kelly.

In her other life, Kelly Gugu (The City Empress), sings and dances as well. “I sing, I lead sing in gospel songs from church,” she says. We sure have another Sha Sha in the building. What BULAWAYO is displaying this year is pure talent and real entertainers. The industry sure is growing fast and wild with all the new promising artists being captured every week. It must be a wake up call to existing artists, watch out for the throne! The competition sure is gotten stiff since the outburst of entertainment and showbiz in the laughtering city of BULAWAYO.

Kelly Gugu shared with Zim Magazine that she wants to be an ambassador for change, am idol for career driven women to look up to and aim to overcome. “l want people to know what’s good and what’s not, firstly l want to tell people to never exchange their bodies for fame to their managers, dont look for a name using bad things …as ladies reapect your body this is not just a body but a tample of God as you live in this world you got to know what’s right and wrong because if you die your spirit won’t go to a good place, we all born sinners but if you lead yourself to a correct life you live well.” This is a code all artists and adolescents must always remember, thanks to Kelly for telling.

She shares that she has also had challenges with sex maniac managers which tops all female artists’ challenges in the game. “Those challenges taught m a lot and made me straight and strong l can face anything now.” Says the brave heart in her interview with Zim Magazine. On a most sad note, Kelly Gugu admits to have been the late Ay2’s lover and she still isn’t over him. “I will not forget him, he taught me a lot, gave me good advice and he’s the one that would link me with the right people. l call his mother l visit. l am always wearing his tshirts.” May his soul Rest In Peace.

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Courtesy of Shut Up & Groove Events & ZimMagazine_2020

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