A remonstrance dancehall fanatic Odza bless(Biography)-Zimmagazine

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My real name is Owen Zingwena and my stage name is Odza bless.l was born and bred in the dust streets of Chitungwiza on 30 June 2000.l attended my Primary School at Zengeza 4 Primary School and my Secondary School at St Mary’s High school Chitungwiza and my A level at Versatile Academy Mutare.l kicked off my music career as a Dancehall artist in 2014 but didnt manage to record anything.In 2015 l was able to become a hiphop artist with the help of Young Flic till 2017 when l became a recording artist with the help of Zexmaine under shreckback studios.That is the time when l moved from Harare to Mutare.I became a professional artist in 2018 when we started a group called Samanyika Tribe with the help of Noel satchie ,kimo savage ,Mambo Bhakkah,Mallz,treviss & Diva. We managed to attend shows , getting radio airplays.We managed to get recognition in Mutare because of a hit song Magweja.Currently in 2019 l am working on an Ep wich will feature Tanto wavie, Scrip Mula,Schingy team bhoo boss,G7 & Zexmaine.

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Twitter : odzabless2

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