About Cayge-Biography-Zimmagazine

Vincent Chagoda aka CAYGE is a hip-hop artist based in Harare .Despite the fact that he is from Harare he has worked with many artists around the country.

CAYGE got into the hip-hop industry in 2016 when he started writing and recording his own tracks .He grew up in a family which loved music and that is where most of his inspiration came from.Most of CAYGE’s songs are based on his life experience .

Being in a disadvantaged country which does not support the hip-hop music sometimes upcoming musicians are underrated , however he gives credit to all the producers and musicians he worked with so far who kept him going for Example Quazor ,Ti Gonzi , Trevor Dongo,Scrip Mula,Boss GZE , Tonic the Manic and SA based artist ‘Ab Crazy’ only to mention a few.His fans play an important role they make him keep pushing his own and never give up .CAYGE has done a couple of tracks including one of his songs which he featured Trevor Dongo tiltled Moyo Muti

This year he has been working on his first studio Album tiltled WechDikidiki which will be dropped later this year

You can get in touch with him on his social Media handles and you can stream his songs on YouTube and SOUNDCLOUD

Click here to download Moyo Muti

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