About Dingi Cash-Biography-Zimmagazine

Dingi Cash is one of Bulawayo’s ace Zimhiphop artists. Also the co-founder of Masemi Entertainment, a Bulawayo Label which is responsible for introducing Bulawayo talents like Masyndicates, 3kings Seqa Mabhilidi, Generalz etc. He has been doing hiphop since 2009 and has worked with Zim’s best musicians including PTK, Stunner, Mukwa, Fraz, P.O.Zee, Msizkay and more.

He has perfomed shows in Harare and Bulawayo alongside mainstream artists like Proffessor, Elvovo, Stunner, Guspy Warrior, Sniper, Platinum Prince, Mudiwa etc. His music is in the common 3 languages of Zimbabwe which are Ndebele , Shona and English. You can subscribe to his youtube channel to watch more music videos, interview, updates and also follow his facebook page which are all under the name Dingi Cash. Get his freshest hot singles from Masemi Masemi Mixtape now available on his youtube channel.

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