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Free Apparels is a clothing line which was formed or created by a Masvingo born male called Setfree Chikwati. It is a streetwear clothing brand which was launched online in 2019 and has produced many clothing pieces such as caps, t shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and shorts.

The FREE of Free Apparels was taken off the owner’s birth name “Setfree”. However, the FREE represents four fundamentals which have been the main force driving the clothing line forward. F- Fearless, R- Realness , E- Excellency , E- Expressiveness.
So, in short Free Apprels is a clothing line which pursues Excellency through being Fearless, Real and Expressive.

Settie Chikwati is the founder of free apparels but has a team he works with which comprises of co-designers such as (Molif Marongwe,Twinzalo, Faith Makusha & Nkosana Moyo, )

models (Faith Makusha, Johannes Jawbreaker Mapara), make up artist (phiA) and the main photographer behind most shoots (HD Photography)

Going forward the label looks to expand as we have announced that we will be launching a subsidiary to Free Apparels and that is the AFREECAN MOVEMENT CLOTHING brand. This is a brand which just tells the story of our african cultures and norms and seeks to FREE the mind of people, every person, most importantly africans. It seeks to free people through clothing which embraces our values of culture and dsnt shy away from who we really are as a people. We want to put a message out there through our african inspired designs and we want to get the world to wear african as well, the same way we wear other italian, french culture inspired clothes. The clothing line is already being worked on and we will release our first batch of clothing real soon.


To get frequent online updates from us or if you want to make orders one can DM, FOLLOW & get in touch with us on:::

INSTAGRAM : @freegarb @sirsettie_sfc

TWITTER : @ApparelsFree @Sirsfc

Facebook : @ Settie Chikwati

Whatsapp : +263 771 205426

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