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I’m Lazarus Korea aka L Korea an rnb soul singer aged 30yrs born & raised in the heart of the ghetto Mabvuku ,started doing music in 2001 back then when i was in high school.I started singing gospel music wth a group called Sons of thurnder,in 2004 we recorded a single called Ndiwe chete by Chronic family another group i was engaged to & later on in 2006 we recorded our very first 13 track album called Soul survivorz at Vantage studio wth the group called Soul survivorz i was angaged today which comprised of mainly 3 guys & Chivaraidzo the song on that album ws a hit song & also the video to that track did very well on Ztv ,2008 I went to SA when our group split then came back in Zim 2014 & I did a couple of single tracks .2018 nw working on my solo album at MIZ ENT studio called Come so far which imbut still currently working on which will be out nxt year hopefully pple will like it

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