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my name is leon marume and my stage name is leonce leonard.I was born on the 10th of august 1990. i started my music journey in 2003 when i was in grade 7 after joining the school choir. In 2004 i started writting my own music after inspired by local musicians such as roki , tererai, 2bg and international musicians such as beyonce,destiny’s child, usher,justin timberlake,ciara,Kelly rowland,Jay sean,Chris brown and Sam smith. Im.In 2004 i began my solo career as an artist.

During this year i wrote my first track Ndaperera which i recorded in 2019 as a solo track of my group Lumecx. i always wanted to create a group of three members. In 2005 i created a group with 2 girls namely falistas Edward Murata Aka Mai TT and culture kandiyero.The group only suceeded to record only one track Nomakanjani .

During that year the group disbanded and the artist went solo.In 2007 i had to create another group which was called AZITACK with two of my best friends Aka Tatenda Andy chycomwe The Bling daddy , Carlos Kuzondishaya The Global daddy and Leonce Leonard calling myself Daddy Dogg pound.The group didnt successfully record any track because of finacial problems the group had to disband in 2009 as we had to go our sepperate ways .These Three boys are still best friends.In 2013 i had to recorded my first solo single (Wandoda) with Organized,King cony and Nid nice.

In 2015 i recorded my second solo track and first solo track as an individual artist called (wandibaya).In 2016 i also recorded another track with Organized (waenda). In 2017 i recorded another track with my lil brother Chris D aka Christopher Marume during our recording we discussed about our music and dicided to create a group called LUMECX.We created the group in 2017 and recorded our first group track Never let you go and we went on recorded another three track No more, My everything and my mother.I also recorded some solo tracks at the sametime working on with my group.I recorded another 4solo tracks namely tell me wat u want , vimbaneni ft Chris D, wandinoda (I love u),Goodbye my dear (which i dadicated to his late grandmother.During that year Lumecx had to record another two tracks Down and moments of love.At the year ending lumecx had to introduce another member Aka mambo the rapper O’brian Zindoga and he became part of our group and we had to record 3 tracks as a group of three titled Ndione, Ndiye and Ndaperera ft Infinity Beatz our producer.in 2019 lumex had to change the name lumex to lumecx after discovering that there was a Dj in Australia using the same name.Lumecx is working on their first album and is yet to be released this year and im also working on 3 solo track ft Avilian and Massive which are yet also to be released this year.

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https://youtu.be/YG4UAC5X3S8 check

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