About Lumecx Music Group-Biography-Zimmagazine

Lumecx is a group of three boys from Zimbabwe. The group consist of Leonce Leonard aka Leon Marume,Chris D aka Christopher Marume and Mambo the rapper aka O’Brian Zindoga.The group started in 2017 after the two brothers colaborate together on two tracks I ddn’t know and Vimbaneni they dicided to form a group.on the 13th of January Leonce leonard and Chris D formed the group Lumex. The group had to record their first solo track never let you go. The group had to record another three track No more, My everything and My mother.The brothers had to record another two tracks as a group of two before introducing another 3rd member (Down and moments of love).By end of the year 2018 another member joined our group after colaborate with him on a track and dicided to be part of the lumex group.

The lumex was joined by Mambo the rapper and recorded their first track as a group of three Ndaperera ft Infinity Beatz.The group had to record another two tracks Ndiye and Ndione.The group had to change their name from Lumex to Lumecx after descďovering that their was an aAustralian Dj using the same name.The group is now working on their first album Titled :”Love is Beautiful” and is yet to be released this year.Our music is now available on all streaming site (spotify, itunes,Deezer,Youtube etc)

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