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Majik n Money,better known as his stage name Highfield hustler (Fio mwana) Di drunken master is a born Zimbabwean, Capetown based singer rapper songwritter that has an extraordinary way of blending his lyrical flows with harmonies that hit the core of his listeners emotions.He was born and raised in Highfield a suburb in the capital city of Zimbabwe called Harare and later on moved to Capetown where he is currently based.since his young age,Majik n Money had a passion of art and music running through his veins and the way it was pieced together.Majik n Money’s avid lyrics and expressive harmonies expose a truly relatable artist who has power to provoke a profound response.His name arouse due his lyrical talented being considered “majikntobolous” which is a term for extremely good. From that he birthed Majik n Money Di Highfield hustler aka Fio

Majik n Money is here to revivify hip hop. Majik n Money has paved a lane of his own in this music era.Staying true to real music with message and connection within.His ability to harmonize and rap flowllessly within one track is remarkable. Majik lives by the motto of God first above all and selflessness second.

Majik n Money di Highfield hustler (fio mwana ) aka drunkenmaster’s music is available on YouTube SoundCloud & reverb-nation mostly

Majik n Money is set to release his new album named Majikntobolous .
He released a number of singles taken from the album including FACTS,Hide n dweet ( ngatihwande tingozviita) which was made in the sense of relating to the current view of relationships.

Majik n Money had no limit when it comes to his creativity.He has something to offer in just every area of his creativity.from song writing for not only himself but he is able to write for others effortlessly.He can write entire song within hours.He also has started a collection of scripts he has written from cartoons to movies,Majik n Money has an impeccable creative ability to capture an idea and deliver it.


It only takes one stroke of flame to light a forest with fire.support the flames that Majik n Money spits.download stream subscribe comment like and share real music

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