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Mal Kwang born Malvin Tinashe Kwangwa on the 13th of June 1997 is a hip hop artist and producer , he was born n bred in Chitungwiza where he did his primary school at Seke 5 primary school till he was in grade 6 when he went through family problems and he had to go live with his mother’s sis till he finished his grade 7.

He then went to live with his mom in Kuwadzana when he started his secondary education at kuwadzana 1 high school , n that’s where all it began but as a dancer where he was part of a crew that featured on the first 2013 Carnival in Zim n also on YGT that same year .

After completing his O levels he then went for his A levels at Churchill school n he lost touch with his old crew and met with new people that were into music namely hottmane who he did with his first track called Kalife n from then he fell in love with music .

Mal Kwang now a producer at Wild Beats Music located in Kuwadzana has worked with a couple of artists and producers of different genres such as Beav City ,Mark Geezo , D flex , No limits producers and X fire to name a few.

He has done interviews on Zbc and has released two videos as of late.

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