About Naqshe_zw-Biography-Zimmagazine

Naqshe_zw (real name Panashe Mugoni) born on the 14th of february 2000,is a Zimbabwean based upcoming Afro/hiphop artist signed under W.M.D music and Beatlab studios.Naqshe_zw released his first track in 2015 titled “Swag” and later on joined the Realniggas group and resulted in his ever best track “Tobvatadii” featuring the R.F.G boys .Panashe is the founder and also a designer at W.M.D fashions/music with the help and powering from A.Dzitiro ,Lizzie T.Mazhindu and Gashande Yananiso Kunaka .

Naqshe_zw then released his Ep Naqsheism with 6 poisonous and awesome tracks consisting of RISEN,LUB,VANONETSA which is more like an album.
Naqshe_zw ‘s Naqsheism Ep is one of the best in Zimhiphop , Naqshe_zw really recognise and appreciate artists like King 98,Takura,Volts and many more who are lifting the Zimbabwean flag and taking Zimhiphop to another level .

“I am a musician and my aim is to lift the Zimbabwean flag higher /better refer to me as a Nationalist” Naqshe’s words on an interview .
Naqshe -zw faced a lot of challenges trying to balance his music career and his studies,however the two now works hand-in glove.

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