About SLOTAH DI CHANTER-Biography-Zimmagazine

SLOTAH DI CHANTER at Rukudzo, and secondary at Mufakose High 3 were he attained his O’ level qualifications.

2010 SLOTAH lost his mother which was a major blow in his life. Although life became tough in the ghetto as this loss forced him to become a bread winner at a tender age, SLOTAH managed to turn the hardship experiences to his advantage through writing very good songs which are so touching, the likes of Orphan cry just to mention 1.

Initially, SLOTAH started recording with a local studio which was known as Marcus Garvey records and during that time he wrote the famous Sludem which he recorded as a demo at Simphil Records and later recorded with soundminds in Capetown.

Back in Zimbabwe Slotah did not do much recording when it came to his own projects, although he featured on a couple of hot tracks…..

2014 SLOTAH relocated to Capetown were he amplified his musical quest through releasing hit on top of hit songs. “Lift me up” was his first song in Capetown which he did with 2224 Soundmindz, and it became a hit through its lyrical fitness. Later on with time it is the reason why Raskells signed him after spoting Slotah’s ability to make hits. The song was so good they had to remix it and put it on their album.

SLOTAH as part of the Raskells ( with Simphil and Tinny) did a 10 track album which is still yet to be released but its coming soon this 2019.

SLOTAH also does projects as part of the cross borders and has released a lot of singles like “Goodwoman” and “home sick” which give fans no doubt but to believe in SLOTAH as a true raggae artist

SLOTAH is also an MC of a major sound in Capetown called Junkyard sound which makes people put on helmets evertime they do a gig.

This youngman has proved to be multi talented in the music thing as he keeps on getting better everytime he comes up with a new sound.

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