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About Tania Tatenda Aaron (The Bae Boss-Model)
“My inspiration in life is to be a Role Model to inspire other young girls out there to point their fingers and say l want be like you Tania”

Tania is renowned:
– Actress
– Video Vixen
– Runway Model
– Pageants
– Commercial Print model
– Brand ambassador

Synopsis: Yes she is diminutive but she possesses a talent that one can kill for in her photogenic and amazing figure especially in “this post to get a like” generation.

Born Tania Tatenda Aaron ‘TheBaeBoss’ as she affectionately calls herself Tania is a renowned 23-year-old Zimbabwean Model. Initially, she dreamed of a white-collar profession, she saw herself behind a desk rocking formal wear.
However, destiny had put in place something different for her a transition that happened overnight and kinder left her heartbroken.

Losing her best shot on accountancy affected Tania to the extent that she wanted to put an end to herself. The thought of leaving her beloved mother and little brother behind was unbearable so she began interacting with individuals from all walks of life which assisted her in unlocking other hidden talents.

About Tania Tatenda Aaron (The Bae Boss-Model) - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios
About Tania Tatenda Aaron (The Bae Boss-Model) - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios
About Tania Tatenda Aaron (The Bae Boss-Model)

Tania started modelling as a stress relief instrument which she usually partook during her spare time. Posed for snapshots for fun but photographers would beg her to pose for one more photo and always described her as photogenic which created an unbreakable bond between TheBaeBoss and ‘the Camera’.

To date, Tania has worked with one American Artist by name of Gshytt a former back up dancer for the popular American divas Rihanna and Ciara. He engaged her to feature in his music video shoot for his song “the vibe is right” that will be shot, Africa. She has also branched in other areas including the brand ambassador of Will sportswear, Zim’s top designer Nandi and other local agencies. Tania has featured on the Eva hair fashion shZimbabwe, Africa Contoure Fashion show in Zambia and Mzuzu fashion show in Malawi and Street fashion show South Africa with only a few to mention.

She is a socialite who loves travelling and getting to meet other new people. She is working to better herself and become more prominent in her field through fulfilling the targets that she has set for herself hence the title BAEBOSS.

Her motto is “cry tonight wake up in the morning and MODEL in a CHARACTER of EXCELLENCE”.