About Trap Savage-Biography-Zimmagazine

Stage Name:Trap Savage
Real Name:Vinny N Matimati
Origin:Chinhoyi Zimbabwe
Associated labels:Doghill Side,BHZMafia,Mafia88,HillSideMusic,ImmD,Reality Studios
Acts:TeeTynashe,Reactive,SimTags ,Geetee,RaeSplit,BlackPrint,McDropper.e.t.c

Artist,Rapper and producer who got singles and features to his name.Born in the City of Chinhoyi Trap Savage began to love music since he was young.After living in the City of Chinhoyi for 11years His Family moved to Bindura where he officialy came into the game.His first Single was dropped in 2017 while he was still at high school level.His track became viral in the City of Bindura and after tha he was a full artistic musician.His second Tracj was released togther with his EP called’DREAM HUSLTLES”Which he got sone of the tracks he produced by himself.Other tracks and features to his name:()2 bags,2 bags remix(ft Teetynashe ),Flexin (ft Teetynashe),Usandibate,All about me(ft Geetee x TeeTynashe),GangBoost(ft Traptures) e.t.c

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