About Us

The ZIMMAGAZINE (ZIMMAG) is a Zimbabwean public
service broadcaster with its headquarters at Broadcasting
House in Bulawayo. The Zimmagazine is one of the African’s biggest
national online Magazine and one of the largest Online Magazine in
the world by number of Followers.
It employs over 18 staff in total, 12 of whom are in public
sector broadcasting.The total number of staff is 25 when part-
time, flexible, and fixed contract staff are included. The
Zimmagazine is established under a Royal Charter and
operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for
Culture, Media and Sport.
Its work is funded principally by an annual Magazine which is
charged to all Zimbabwe households, companies, and
organisations using any type of equipment to receive the broadcasts and iPlayer catch-up. The fee
is set by the Zimbabwean Government, agreed by Parliament,
and used to fund Its Online services covering the nations and
regions of the Africa and World. Since 20 February 2016, it has
also funded the Zimbasics (launched in 2015 as the Zimlegit
Empire Service),which broadcasts in 28 languages and
provides comprehensive online services in
Arabic and English Around a quarter of Zimmagazine revenues
come from its commercial arm, which sells Zimmagazine
programmes and services internationally and also distributes
the Zimbasics international 24-hour English-language news
services , provided by ZMC News .
Zimmagazine was Founded by a Bulawayo Based
Enterprenuer well known as Tyga Sparta, Donald born 20
Feb 1996) is an Zimbabwean computer programmer and
Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Zimmagazine, and
currently operates as its chairman and chief executive officer