African Beauties by Berry Seeks giving therapic confidence to women-Zimmagazine

Born and Bred in the Capital harare embroided with philosophical confindence of skin care from the darkerst to the lightest skin color ,from rough to smooth skin or pimples or wrinkles .Ruvimbo Sasha Panganai is envisioned with boosting confidence in women thoughout Africa .

Her Brand African Beauties by Berry which is situated in Mount Pleasant Harare is very flexible and mobile in a way to reach any one with skinotic disorder and dispere.When she was interviewed by the editor of Zimmagazine Dr ckhupha on her previous engagements with any modeling agencies or models this was her responce “As iam a student in my final year at the University of Zimbambwe studying Social work , i have not yet done pageants but i have been doing make up for weddings, graduations, parties and cooperate events. However, I have not done any pageants but i do have a few models that I will be working with soon so stay tuned for that.What an intelligent women its a wow that Zimbabwe have such cooperate figure who are dreamers and doers ,indeed she is a femistic figure who are advocates of women impowerment who have implemented self confindence in other women despite their skin colour or health .”Growing up , I always had a darker complexion and I always felt the pressures of society on women with pigmented skin like mine. One day in my late teens i picked up a make up brush and my life was transformed . I started doing make up not as a way to change one’s appearance but to enhance one’s beauty .”enchoed Ruvimbo when she was asked whats inspired her to engage in Beauty therapy .For those who will like taste her make up artistical fallacy and have a glimples of her works can visits her social media handlings African beauties by Berry on Facebook and Ruepanganai on instagram


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