Akeem Brown Dropped 2 new songs-Zimmagazine

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A live show in kenya perfectly done ,working on 1 more again in kenya this December .Not being nominated for the best r&b male artist in Zimbabwe motivates him to role and get one across borders:: ,he said.. releasing a single titled #SEX :::made him relax because he thought he had created a huge gap from all other artists known to be award winning as usual ,best male and best song he posted on Twitter, “I dont care if they don’t I really nominate me around here ,I am still your best Star and I promise I will remain good and best is yet to come I am dope::::::,they get nominated I get shows across :::::::they dis I get paid more ….” ;;: ‘; …22 year old guy a singer, actor and in businesses Akeem Brown believes he was called and is the image of r&b in Zimbabwe and about to take over world wide

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