BULAWAYO has been shacken by the newly found fued between Mgcini Cal_Vin Nhliziyo and Sky’s Metro FM. Its a good starting point to note that from the word go, this was a questionable set up. How on earth does a radio station sign an artist for airplay? How can a radio station own/manage an artist and that artist still gets an award or awards rendered by the same management. Its like OK grand challenge promotion being won by an OK employee, how absurd is that? Well, there is only one way to go about this rationally, Cal_Vin, in all his self appointed glory, had an arrangement with Sky’s Metro FM where despite there being better artists than him, they were meant to push him as a brand, have him win awards and perform at shows where in his own capacity he probably could not have made it. The question to fathom this would be, in return what was Sky’s Metro getting? Black men rarely do each other one way favors!

Now, Sky’s Metro FM claims that Cal_Vin needs to develop a professional behavior but really, what’s Cal_Vin without arrogance, the Cal_Vin people know and loath is the same one with ego and chaos, too much pride since his young days. Now he is a dying horse with an adolescent’s ego. This probably erupts from this pampering that Sky’s Metro has been doing. Word about new better bloods coming to light in the past years are true but false to a certain extend. Anyone in Byo will say Cal_Vin crown is self awarded meaning his glory isn’t approved by the maltitudes he entertains but he is just another egoistic artist. On the same note Sky’s has put him on the spotlight probing more insane behavior from the cat and now they want to humiliate him on the face of the earth because the disrespect they have been patting him on the back to show to others he has shown to them, one would think the mysterious scandal involves women, but that’s a story for another day.

Sky’s Metro FM says that Cal_Vin has managed to purchase his new Opel vehicle off of proceeds they gave him in revenue for his performances. Is this necessary information to mention to the public for an arganization that claims to be professional. Examples to illustrate this drama are important: imagine your employer rating you out when the contract starts having fueds and informing the public in a press statement that the new shoes or suite you wear is theirs and a product of their money! It leads us back to the question, was this work related or an arrangement between Sky’s Metro FM and Cal_Vin? Because if all the money he earned was through his work and abilities then the station can not allude to his assets as blessings to him. How professional!

However, BULAWAYO has been reputed for drama in ending contracts and fruitless relations coming to an end. What then should younger artists learn from adults who indulge in such ridiculous business? The city is trying to groom artists from bad behavior to excess professionalism and this is what major radio stations lash out as leading by example. There sure is something wrong in the heads of those in the brain. The public should rule out Sky’s Metro FM press release as it proves the existence of an unprofessional settlement between themselves and Cal_Vin that they are now makin public because he lashed out on them.

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