Brayzz Africa Makes BrythreeSixty the face of their Magazine this Month-Zimmagazine

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Brayzz Africa has a very good relationship with BrythreeSixty & this is not the first time we have seen Brayzz working with him. Looking back for as long as I can remember Brayzz has worked in collaboration with BrythreeSixty since his previous project Purple Marz


As we all know Brayzz Africa is a lifestyle brand, they do nothing more than lifestyle, food & Entertainment, back then I remember Keilloe Prejon would post his Lifestyle videos on YouTube. That’s when he created his Brand Brayzz Africa to try and reach a wider market for his lifestyle videos.

But this soon changed as he went from focusing on videos to blogging as well. Now looking at BrythreeSixty’s solo work I have heard loads of his track and most of them I enjoy listening to them. Including the recently released ‘Fly Away’ a new love jam you can jam on this valentines.

With BrythreeSixty being the face this already shows some signs of Brayzz Africa reaching out to Zim hip hop giving it a platform for exposure & recognition. This very year Brayzz has already brought up a lineup of their favourites including BrythreeSixty

To know more about Brayzz Africa favourites you can visit their blog online, which is exclusively free to everyone who simply love living a Morden lifestyle, be it a healthy lifestyle or be it you love food and entertainment this is the place to go.

I love the simple idea behind Brayzz because we have loads of Models, Stylist, Entertainers, & Entrepreneurs seeking to use platforms like these

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