Bulawayo runs out of green vegetables after ED’s “avoid meat, eat veggies” call

BULAWAYO: The City of Kings and Queens is experiencing a shortage of green vegetables a few weeks after ED urged Hararans and the rest of Zimbabwe to go green.

State media, however, is reporting that this is not “the ED factor” but rather the effect of drought and water shortage affecting the whole country over the past months.

This has pushed prices up while removing vegetables from menus of most homes and restaurants.  Vendors and supermarket shelves have gone for weeks without the popular choumolier and rape thereby pushing the price of cabbages up. Ahead of cabbage now costs between $18 and $25.

A survey carried out by the press around the city yesterday revealed that vegetables are in short supply and demand is very high.

Ms. Monica Moyo, a vendor, said two weeks ago a big bundle was going for $20 at the market but now it is $50.

“I used to buy bundles of vegetables at the market but now I find it difficult to sell it because five leaves are going for $5. Now I am getting them from Rangemore or Kensington plots but still the prices have gone up. At the plots a bundle was $3,50 but now it is $9 and farmers are saying vegetables have been affected by water shortage”, said Ms Moyo.

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Elijah Mawere is popularly known as Niasha is a DJ, recording executive, songwriter, record producer, author, editor, artist and record label president. Born in Tshabalala, a high-density suburb in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, Bulawayo. After moving from Zimbabwe in 2012, he now resides in South Africa.

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