Clyde Banks Nigerian feature shocking revelations

Nigeria has one of the biggest entertainment industries, ranging from music to movie blockbusters. They’ve dominated the industry for the last decade, and just recently, their artists like Davido and Burna Boy have become globally known and have sold-out concerts all over the globe.

The Chinyakare hitmaker has a good resume and has been performing regional features like the “I need you” song featuring Yolanda Chireshe who is a Malawi Zim-based rising star with an EP titled Cream released by Fun F making waves and also Musambo featuring Lucci who is now on his label Royal Records. Nevertheless, it has never crossed borders to areas far to the north like Nigeria.

Triple is said to have visited the country and toured the Harare labels, but they instantly fell into love with Royal Records and started recording with Fucci’s likes, now based in China, and strategist Gavin Attiza (Christopher Chirikure album).

Since then, Triple has made a trip back to his homeland just to say goodbye to his friends and family to come and hit the base with other artists in Zim and make waves just like what Burna’s boy did to SA just to go back and be crowned King in Nigeria.

Now Triple and Clyde Banks are working on record named Gassa, new dance wave, and the audio drops with video. It’s the coming month. Triple will also keep toms on the label as well as Nedo Pergasus.

Watch this Duo perform at the Changamire Hip Hop Awards on the 29th hoping to grab one or even all of Fucci’s Nominees their boy. also, watch the space for Chirikure Showcase.

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Elijah Mawere is popularly known as Niasha is a DJ, recording executive, songwriter, record producer, author, editor, artist and record label president. Born in Tshabalala, a high-density suburb in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, Bulawayo. After moving from Zimbabwe in 2012, he now resides in South Africa.

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