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Be warned! The Rise Of Con-Ladies, particularly in Harare and other parts of Mashonaland is not coming to a halt anytime soon. Last year there were several cases including a lady who ran away after exhausting a guest house off above USD 100 in unpaid bills after using it as a residence with a boyfriend. This year hasn’t gotten to a quarter and there’s a latest addition, another female thug! This one actually stole money and valuables from a guest house before vanishing into thin air.

A lady named Anesu, roughly in her mid 20s, is reported to have stolen a sum of USD70 from a guest house in EastLea, Harare. She is probably not a first timer because of the tactics she used to acquire this sum of money without being stopped. Worse off she is not employee at the Guest House but was viewed as a potential client and trusted as such. She then went on to study the area and come up with a convenient plan of robbing this business of its profit. To date she has not been seen. To make matters worse, Anesu’s details were not captured in the Guest House’s systems making the whole idea of tracing her twice as hard.

The current findings are that she is a resident of Budiriro 5 location, Harare. She is not exactly the kind of person on can suspect of any foul activity at first site, hence the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, behind that pretty face, Anesu is a monster that has gotten this far in life through theft and luring trust using her looks. The Guest House confirmed another missing 2 pairs of high heels that are worth above USD 35 each which means where ever Anesu is right noe, she is sitting off am easy earned USD 140 estimated figure. Or she in high heels on her newest quest. This calls for a public alarm!

No one is safe, ladies and gentlemen, the whole nation is unsafe in the presence of such beings amongst it. As such it is a plea that those who know Anesu or have seen a familiar face do report to the RhodesVille Police Station RRB4082448 in Harare or contact the Guest House Management on 0242445048/0719349853 as soon as possible so the matter can be rectified and heard in court. Participate in ending crime in your area by reporting any suspicious activity to ensure public safety.

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