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Zimbabwe’s singer Winky D is all gangster in the latest video Paper Bag, which premiered over the weekend on Trace Africa satellite channel.

The video has sparks of brilliance and a not-so-easy to follow storyline although everything comes together towards the end.

It opens with Winky D leaning on a Maybach on the runway perhaps waiting to board his luxury G4 jet to some other holiday resort after grabbing his loot.

The video flash forwards to some warehouse where a gang leader is being held hostage with Winky D aka Gafa pointing a gun at him.

In the midst of the confusion and drama, the video vixens which by the way are plentiful, will be shuffling bags full of the greenbacks before taking off.

There are usual suspects in the video including the likes of Buffalo Souljah who is part of Winky D’s gang.

While the video has great camerawork and quality, the song which has interpolations of trap is a departure from his reggae-dancehall influenced ditties.

Produced by Oskid, the producer who brought you Disappear, this time Winky D raps over the trap bassline.

The video directed by SOS takes Winky D’s act to a whole new level something his huge fan base is likely to enjoy.

It gives the impression that while some are finding the going tough others are cashing in on the hardships and spending big.

But those that do not enjoy the song will perhaps be enticed when they watch the video as the storyline is cut from Hollywood script.

The hustler’s storyline draws much from Hollywood movies and will perhaps draw interest from a crossover audience especially nowadays in Zimbabwe when everything seems to be at a standstill.

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