BULAWAYO based artist, Dyce Babiza, is reported to have been fired from his latest employer, Fish & Chicken City. This follows several offenses the artist has committed during his term of employment. These include showing up more than an hour late, failing to work professionally costing the company profits, disappearing from the workplace in his endevours of buying sex from prostitutes as well as stealing from the business.

The artist, despite failing to create a good image of himself has no remorse. He lashed out death threats on Dr. C’khupha and Graham Planks that he would shoot his head off (with sticker illustrations) should they put out an article about him, which was rather absurd to be a worry for a man who just lost his job due to misconduct at work and of self.

To sum up last year, 2019, Dyce Babiza attended several shows where he couldn’t perform because he was too intoxicated with God knows what! At a show in Eyadini Phoenix Arena, he could not walk and was found in states where he needed to brush his teeth all of a sudden, or wash his face, balance himself by holding on to others, falling instantly in love with female artists and causing them too not to focus on the course of the show. This marked the last real events he performed at.

Prostitution has been a mode of money making for young girls usually homeless, fending for themselves and exetra. Many artists have lost thier lives at an early stage of their career because they start indulging in random sexual relations probed by growing fame. Dyce Fortune is one such artist, only that he doesn’t go fo many girls that actually would be preferences for his age mates, he goes for short time sex sellers (prostitutes) and he alternates these such that he now knows the pros n con’s of each place where they are found, the prices-well he can tell you while fast asleep.

He was reputed to run away from work to go and buy short time sex, on return he wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement, as such would spill the secrets to fellow work mates leading to the whole working crew knowing what kind of person Dyce Babiza really is, behind that cunning image of a loving artist. Recent pictures have shown that Dyce Babiza is slowly losing his mind. He posted a picture of himself about to down a whole Two Keys Whiskey bottle on his own. Hopefully there won’t be a repitition of Ay2 kind of death after another artist loses their mind and drinks up too much alcohol.

Courtesy of Shut up and groove events and zimmagazine

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