ELLY TEE drops CONDOM Official Audio-Zimmagazine

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By Dr ckhupha

Shut Up n Groove Events has once again dropped a new single from Elly Tee aimed at raising H.I.V and A.I.D.S awareness amongst the future of tommorow, the youth. The single is titled Condom. It is a riddim meant to set the dance floor on fire and due to all that is known to occur in the centre stage of today’s dance floors and party life, the artist used his art to target the intended population.
Ending up in a club on a Friday night is actually refreshing from a whole week’s work and school activities for the adolescents still at learning institutions, in the streets and any other avenue of daily life. The most important thing for one never to forget is to condomize so as to reduce the chances of contracting these killer immune system killers. Condomizing has been ignored by most of our youth in this generation as well as those before it. The artist therefore decided to have the crowd dancing to a beat that actually reminds them about AWARENESS because H.I.V & A.I.D.S have taken many lives and ruined most dreams in our society as such it is time to stamp our feet and put an end to all of it through Condomizing.
The song Condom is set to play in clubs, online and social media platforms as well as radio to further push the awareness campaign by Elly Tee. Members of the public are encouraged to aid in spreading Condom awareness and enjoy the song by ELLY TEE as it kills two birds with one stone. It entertains through the rich Zim dancehall flavour and etic used by the artist as well as educates on the advantages and disadvantages of condomizing as compared to unprotected sex.
The city of kings and beyond are yet to recieve more music from the artist and experience awesome perfomances and speeches about condomizing in the progressing of the song that has already been finished off studio and is slowly coroding the streets.

Courtesy of Zimmagazine and ShutUp&GrooveEvents_2019

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