Flashe The Flyest featured one of the best Nigerian vocalist,T Jacobs in his FC album extensions-Zimmagazine

Brief info about Flashe The Flyest

Harare born and raised, but now living in Masvingo , Flashe the Flyest has earned a regional following for blending folk and pop stylings with a poetry sensibility.

Panashe Mbiza know by his stage name Flashe the Flyest was born in 13 April 2001 and he grew up playing Celtic music and Bluegrass but latter own moved to hip-hop.

When did you discovered your talent?

He started his music career in 2011. Latter in 2011 he managed to record his first song titled _um champion_ under BGE studios.
If you wanna know why he is still buzzing in the rap game, that song was the motive because it went viral.

Flyest life Album was Flashe’s first studio album.Recorded through various Studios like K. T. S, sok, BGE studio , the album contained a beautiful and honest collection of songs, straight from the heart.

Never afraid to write about a difficult situation, I DONT BELONG from Flyest life album came after his depression in 2017 in order to answer the question ” DO I BELONG IN THIS EARTH”
Whilst detailing his sad moments Flashe’s opsmistic and appriciative outlook on his life managed to create an empowered and uplifted album, full of promise.

He managed to collaborate with some of well Known artists such as G CORY, THE BOY, and CRU SAD. in this album.

as he says:

I have over 20songs since l started my career.

Current moments I have soon coming album by the title FLASHEAN CELEB
In this album l featured some well known vocalist from Nigeria by the name T JACOBS
SO be patient and look forward for this great work.

Who inspired me:

Nasty c and Lil Wayne inspired me.
Those days Nasty c released HELL NAW and after that l hooked up on him.
His punchlines and rap style are unique.

Expect being a musician which other art would you have done?

If l didn’t do music art, l would have done acting. This is because l always liked a super hero character so this got me dreaming like one day I’m gonna be like SUPERMAN.
Far back the series SUPER HEROS inspired me.

Overrally in the music art world ,a singer from SA by the name Nasty C inspired me.

Have you ever showcased your talent in theatres?

I have once showcased my talent in Zimbabwe, Masvingo RUN VEGAS concerts.
And this was my first time on stage but anyway l made a killing kkkk

What makes you think you are elevating?

I think lm elevating because many people are turning to like my projects and offering me the best support l need

If yes, how are you gonna achieve it?

I’m gonna achieve success through hard working and his being so much screwed in my work.

What are some problems you are facing as uprising artist?

Problems l have been facing as an young and upcoming artist are financial problems and sabotage. I ain’t signed in any studio so a single studio session costs me 100bond and this is too much for me but for the passion, l still sacrifice.

With all these problems how has yiu been managing them?

To curb these financial problems l have been sponsored by my parents .They give me best support.

Who do you wish to collaborate with national n worldwide?

Well in future l wish to work with NASTY c because l feel like he is the one to give me best mentorship.

What are your last words to your fans?

My last words to those who support me, may God bless you know thankful.

Bunaz set to get an EP released soon.

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