General analysis of the Zimbabwean music artists and entities by Tyga Sparta

1.)#Zima/Nama -These entities now only award their favourites at the expense of true art and creativity
2.)#Radio stations -You pay more you get played more,,They create an illusion that the more they play you so therefore the more you are worthy to be termed “#Talented”

3.)#Promoters/Sponsors- it doesn’t matter how good you are,you need to be in a relationship with these people, intimately or otherwise to get promotion and sponsorships

4.)Zimura -They keep paying royalties to those already established artists,,who will always get airplay any time of day,

4.)Music Producers-
Lack creativity,,they give one sound to all the artists they produce for,, completely mediocre,,
Oskid and Tamuka wait for Nigeria to cook up the next best sound,
All Zimdancehall producers exchange one riddim the whole year!

Now think any song with a video is a hit..
Most of their songs are imitations,lack creativity and art.
Most think having a live band is being “serious”, and international.
#Gemma is being supported on #Racial grounds as if no other female artist is better.
#Tammy Moyo has more videos and endorsement than any other urban artist in Zim at the moment and now they all have the illusion that she’s the best..
#Poptain,Nutty O,-
These guys have failed to produce actual ground breaking tracks despite all that eloquence in Patois,, it ain’t enough,,
#Jahprayzer/WinkyD/Enzo ishall–
These guys are getting endorsements and as big as they are its just the money talking,,, Failing to go international,, Enzo is just overrated for nothing,, give him all the money ,expensive videos and still will not break actual ground!

Now these guys are the worst,,,,,,,
They will give meaning even to meaningless artists,,,,until the artists vaakuzvifonera(self dialling)

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