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THE long awaited “EYES” E.P by SKIINY has finally hit the streets. This masterpiece is already setting trends in its first week of release with insane online views as well as downloads, surely can’t be compared to other artists of his caliber. SKIINY dropped his E.P on the 30th of January 2020 and it is available on all social media platforms, check links above and below article. The EP is a solo project, features Mill Twist and GTI in a couple of songs, the rest of it is SKIINY redefining the game himself! “I would say that this E.P is a way to find my limit, I’ve been known to be versatile when it comes to beats and flows so this EP is a means for me to know which is “the best of” and where to focus my attention as a hip-hop artist.” This guy is a good example of one artist that lives in his music. Take a listen to the “EYES” E.P and get a glimpse of how music is to the soul what food is to the body.

A work of art elsewhere is often the perfected product presented by its maker. But in hip hop, we feel as though justice is done to a project when we put together great artists, have each do what he is good at on the same project. When that is perfected into a final product, it becomes a masterpiece, that is hip hop according to Zim Magazine. Seemingly, SKIINY isn’t any different in perspective. “I didn’t produce the beats my self actually, the credit for the beats all goes to Skido, he’s one of the best producers in skies (Bulawayo) right now and im very grateful that i had the chance to work with him on this and on my previous projects.” A listen to this E.P confirms that this was not a bad idea at all, the two came together to create a great sound in the “EYES” E.P.

Check it out now!!! Youtube playlist link

THIS is an age where drops do not make much of an impact because of the grown rate of piracy that has reached almost 70% and it is affecting any artist selling or releasing works in present days. Most artists have resorted to air play chasing, downloads, views and subscriptions online. This is the new era. It is therefore important for artists to pursue their works through release of visuals and stage time live performances. The “EYES” E.P is no different, it is set to have the most played radio tracks and streams as well as downloads armored with videos. The artist confirms, “For visuals I’ll be working with Teekay Mxoexic to make a video of the most played song from the E.P” 2020 sure is a year of great hip hop! The EP is marketed and distributed by SKIINY himself and Le Factory.

HIP-HOP has been a lifestyle and culture to most of its fanatics. Over the years however, a lot of changes in music have been put in place and new cultures introduced. Zim Magazine spoke to SKIINY to get his side of the story. “Hip-Hop is still the same but what i feel has changed is the prioritization of music that is wavy than that which has a message. We’ve evolved as music fans to prioritize party music which is why trap and amapiano music is doing so well.” It all goes back to the drawing board, what the music serves and the society served, “Its crazy, we live in an age with social media meant to connect people but we somehow have the loneliest generation by far, the stats on depression currently would shock you, and i think that has affected the change in culture to prioritize fun.”

SKIINY is a man of many talents. Most Bulawayo artists have artwork for their projects made by him as well as posters and flyers under his trademark D.A.V (Dark Art Visuals). “I am shifting my base of operation to Joburg, I want to certify myself as a professional graphic designer. You have to move up if u tryng to get to heaven, right?” Heaven it is for SKIINY. Get the album below: Youtube playlist link

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