Intercessor Finally Releases His First Album-Zimmagazine

Name:Mthandazi Nyathi
Stage name:Intercessor
For as long as I remember music has been my escape, it has brought me out of many challenges. I used to listen to music every day and it has been one of the most emotionally satisfying thing I ever did. Almost every time, I always had a song that suits my mood and when I listen to it it just serves as a form of my escape. That’s where everything started, as I was listening to music, I just had some questions about my purpose, the things that make me happy…these questions just kept coming into my mind and I started contemplating about my goals and aspirations, thinking of where I wanna be in the next 10 years.

We started as something funny with “my boys”, recording ourselves, thinking that our music will be heard out there but it wasn’t even noticed, I think, “that’s the struggle of being in the music industry”, all that never stopped me, I kept pushing up until I released my new single, “Sobabili”, that got the attention from the crowd, it’s like my voice was being heard out there. We shoot the video for the song and it hit 1K views on youtube and the feedback that I got from people was so inspiring, it gave me hope for the future:). The song was played in different radio stations in Hillbrow Fm and back, ekasi lami, in Khulumani Fm and Skyz Metro.

The journey hasn’t been easy, we faced a lot of challenges, our recording equipment was once stolen but we figured out something and kept the hustle going. I have collaborated with different artists, such as Best Raggae, Artist Dino Mudondo and some of the upcoming artist that you will hear about them as time goes on. All these have led to the release of my new album Ngisemathandweni which will be out on the 30th of September on all digital platforms and will be aslo host a listening session on the 27th of September.

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