“I never was a part of Amazon, they just tried to set me to it!” – says Young G25.

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Meet Young G25! Real name Gift Moyo. Its no doubt Jaden Smith probably hasn’t been to Zimbabwe. We’ve been seeing a familiar face though, in the streets of Bulawayo. An upcoming Trap and Tattoo Artist. On a first glance we were almost totally puzzled by this guy after a tip off there is a BYO “Jaden Smith”. Well, the similarites are undoubtable all the way to the complexion and body tattoes that mark both young men as the same from close and afar. Young G25 is a fellow worth interest.

Young G25 says he also was surprised when he started getting compliments in that direction from close friends and usually girl friends or fanatics. He is a barchelor currently paving a trade of his own in music and fashion art, which is probably a good going for anyone living in this tough Zim economy. Youngstas making a difference. “At first i found it insulting that people would call me Jaden, it made notice him more because i wasn’t really a fan. I only believed this might be true when the same comment came from two parallel people i knew had nothing in common…” He explained in an interview with Zimmagazine.

Well, we all know Jaden and his family, we love them! A dip into the local artist, Young G25, this year is not a vacation for him either. He is dropping new music and focussing on his solo career and denies ever being involved on a contract level with the notorious Amazon Entertainment. He is dropping a new song featuring KellzWorldWide (S.A.) titled “I used to fall in love.” Check local listings for the next Young G25 show near you and dont miss out

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