‘A new collaboration on the way’-Tokuzivai by KayGee 40 ,Mr Noxa and Yung Dynamite-Zimmagazine

After the success of their hit song “Sterek” last year, Mr Noxa and Kay Gee 40 roped in Yung Dynamite on the potentially explosive song “Tokuzivai”. Yung Dynamite a Power Fm chart topper himself with a song ” Shumba” is not a new name in the industry.

Why the song “Tokuzivai”? The guys said ” its a song that addresses the haters and telling them to know their place. We know you, you don’t appreciate greatness.”

The song was produced by Mr Noxa and the beat made by the Glen Norah based Kelvin Beats. It is set to drop 27 September 2019 and its a TMG Rekodz exclusive.

We wish to keep hearing more from these gentlemen considering that they have known each other for a long time. The question is, “will they keep making more music together? Or its just a one track thing.

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