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KRIZZY brings a New Art To The HipHop Trap Table
To All Krizzy Fans we all know he has been working so hard and i will be lying if i say he is not doing it.After releasing The NDAKAPENGA EP in 2019 …Krizzy went on to release some singles which were indeed good hit songs ,Mai Vangu featuring Ridz ,Shungu Dzangu etc ..He said when we interviewed him ..He wants to introduce a new way of music a Art i can say which will give a little bit of change into Zim Hiphop…He believes the New Art is what the young generations that are growing up will accept and adopt to..He wants to try make the Zim Hiphop sounds Extra ordinary giving thanks to Takura He already started  the Journey and Krizzy also want to uplift the ZimHiphop industry…
KRIZZY at his age he said to have motivated and inspired a lot of people with his music and his music is kinda catchy you should give it a try …at first you might not understand the style but there is a lot of creativity in it…Krizzy currently went on to release the USATYE mixtape which he believes its going to be the reign of 2020 …The mixtape is available on his YouTube channel @ HAILEY CAINS ENTERTAINMENT.. it has 16 songs ….one of the biggest projects in Zim Hiphop so far …He is so hardworking i admit
From the interviews we had with Krizzy it shows that Krizzy has a great vision and he is looking forward to do great things with his music …He is a innovative young man with so much inspiration the world can’t handle…i see him becoming one of the great Artists of tomorrow…He is full of light i can say…
Krizzy says he has made it this far and he thank Seh calaz who motivated him to keep on pushing nomatter  what people say and now He is being supported by a lot of people…Krizzy indeed came a long way lets support him with his new Art in the game it may sound like something else because yes it is something else….What i like about Krizzy is he is trying to be different and he came in differently. Unlike other upcoming Artists they have the same style of singing which makes it sometimes boring because we keep on hearing the same way….Krizzy also said he is also inspired and highly motivated by his role model Future Hendrix…he says he guides him when it comes to music …He is his music mentor
Lastly all i can say is Krizzy is a bomb the music industry should watch out .because he is a promising  Artist
 I encourage you all to follow him on his Instagram Account @tapsronie
And also subscribe on his YouTube channel @Hailey cains Entertainment ..its his own record and fashion label he started in 2015…its on the come up i tell you …a big support to Krizzy

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