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Tapiwanashe Ronald Chikasha, known as Krizzy by his fans, is an upcoming Hip Hop & Trap artist based in Mutare / Harare, Zimbabwe.

He began to sing at a tender age. He is the former President of Music at Mutare Boys High School from the information we have received. It’s said that what kept him from focusing more on music was his education … because we all know that education is the key to your dreams, he finished the Upper Six in 2019.

Krizzy is the founder of the record label and clothing brand Hailey Cains, which was established in 2015.

The Tale Behind Hailey Cains

Krizzy Henry Cains “@tapsronie” has established these labels and branded them, Hailey Cains. He decided to call it the title of his lovely queen.
Because of that whoever was in a relationship with Henry Cains held the title Hailey Cains which is a privilege to the one who carried it he did this out of love for his wife because he created Hailey Cains and called his queen Hailey Cains making him King Henry Cains as a sign of love and respecting his only love.

Krizzy is doing it in the game, looking forward to making more music just keep following him on his Instagram @tapsronie and YouTube @Krizzy Tee for latest hits.

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