Kundai Njelele a diamond in the rough-Model Profile-Zimmagazine

Go getter could be the best way to describe Kundai Njelele a commercial model on the rise.

Growing up she was told that she was too short to be model but non of that could stop her from persuing her dream to be infront of flash lights and the camera.

The 20-year-old model who got into the modeling scenes in 2018 November is already making money moves in this industry.

Njelele has worked with some of the top brands in the nation and has already featured in one of Zimbabwe’s upcoming television series.

She says that regardless of her height nothing could stop her from modeling and its hight time people understand that modeling is not about catwalking.

“I’m short in height so they told me that I can’t get into modelling because of that but i stood my ground to educate people that modeling is not about catwalking and winning pegeant crowns, they is diverse types of modelling so i chose commercial modeling where i get to promote brands and companies,” said Njelele.

This young model is surely some talent that needs to be watched closely because she is about to explode.

In merely a year into the industry she has already made a name for herself by promoting brands. It will be of no doubt if she becomes a household name in a few months time.