Let’s look at CVs of presidential hopefuls

© EDITOR — People of Zimbabwe are the employers of presidential candidates. Zimbabweans need to note that there is no employer who gives a person a job without first looking at the prospective employees’ curriculum vitae (CV).


The CV contains what a person passed, failed and which jobs he did successfully. If as employers, you do not look at CVs of presidential hopefuls, you will firstly lie to yourselves and secondly the prospective employee will lie to you.
For example, Zimbabweans lied to themselves when Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Robert Mugabe and celebrated without noticing that Mnangagwa’s CV was inferior to Mugabe’s. The only one degree Mnangagwa has, which is law, Mugabe had too.

Other people are lying to themselves that if Nelson Chamisa takes over, things will improve without noting that the Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Chamisa’s CVs are almost identical —they are all lawyers.

Looking at the CV of presidential hopefuls will prevent lies. For example, when Mnangagwa promises command housing, educated people know that he is far from the truth because his CV does not show that he is a builder, architecture, quantity surveyor or civil engineer. But uneducated people blindly believe such lies.

If Mnangagwa promises command agriculture educated people know that he is lying because Mnangagwa does not have a certificate, diploma or degree in agriculture.

But if Mnangagwa or Chamisa promise things to do with law, they will be saying the truth. However, Chamisa will be lying when he talks of spaghetti roads and bullet trains, which are all engineering promises.

Chamisa is not a welder, auto electrician, fitter, electrical or mechanical engineer to promise a bullet train. He never worked for the ministry of Transport, neither is he an artisan or civil engineer to promise spaghetti roads.

Voters should look at CVs of presidential hopefuls and judge whether the CV is in sync with manifesto promises.
If not, they would be lying. If yes, the manifesto promise will be genuine.

So if Chamisa or Mnangagwa makes promises to do with law, that will be a genuine election manifesto!
In Shona they say, `Muromo hauzarirwe nerwizi.’

Anyone can easily promise anything, but the CV shows us what is possible and what is not!


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