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Meet Webson Watson Ndou

By Endridge Chapani

The Zimbabwean music industry at it’s large gave birth to yet another Soultrap and Afro pop singer from the city by the Limpopo boaders.

Wispy is a 20year old soultrap and afro pop musician who goes by the government name of Webson Watson Ndou. He is the last born in a family of six children.

Catching the early bird Wispy started recording when he was 12 years of age right in the times of him doing his 7th grade studies at Beitbridge Mission Primary School, that’s when he started to get recognition from fellow musicians in Beitbridge.

The young but yet talented artist claims he had a passion for music since the age of 9 years old with him being involved in the church choir and his school choir which inspired him to composing his own music.

In appearance Wispy has appeared in 15 songs to record others being collaborations. In 2013 Wispy produced a song titled by Tisu tine swag, the track featured PG. Having the track rocking the streets of Beitbridge the track got to fellow musicians and they pressured Wispy into doing a remix. The remix featured Mark Geezo who is Wispy’s wing man a rising dancehall artist signed by Rare Gang group.

The trap/soul artist said he faced challenges of poor quality productions back in the day to which forced him to start afresh drawing his patterns. Currently Wispy is riding the fame of his newly released Afro pop single titled I need more which was produced by Majesty on Flex of MBA records.

Stretching his wings,the artist wishes to collaborate with Trevor Dongo the popular urban groover amongst other musicians.

“The message I deliver at most is based on love affairs because love is the only thing that’s bringing people together. I as an afro pop n soul/trap artist I find it easier to include emotions becayI also find myself in relationships” said Wispy.

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