Meet Zimpraise Dancer Tanaka Leeroy Rushambwe (Baluti)-Zimmagazine

My name is Tanaka Leeroy Rushambwe, stage name Baluti or Magician. I was born and raised in Masvingo (Mucheke A) and I’m a dancer.

I started focusing on dancing in 2016 when I went to Starbrite and i was a solo dancer and I made it to the quarter finals. After Starbrite I was in a dance crew in Bulawayo called Project X and I took it to Masvingo. Last year I went for Auditions at Zimpraise as a dancer and I passed the auditions so now I dance for Zimpraise full time.

In Zimpraise they have taught me many skills to the extent of being a choreographer and a wedding coach. When I joined Zimpraise I thought it was just a choir but they treat you like Family.On the 4th of October I was nominated at MAA (Masvingo Achievement Awards) for best dancer and I won the Award. Thanks to people who voted for me.

Besides dancing I’m a magician,2017 I moved with my mother to Harare that is when my dreams started to blow. After Starbrite I became attached to magic and I was so into it. I would stop people in town and show them my card tricks, but I never took it to a deeper level until I saw a video of Shin Lim the winner of America Got Talent 2018 and America Got Talent Champions 2019. My first interview was on the 13th of April at ZBC YGT for magic and dancing. Since my first interview my phone was busy with calls and messages. After that I had two more interviews at ZBC. I am proud to be from Masvingo and I will make my people proud.


IG: Baluti_dayday
Twitter: Baluti_dayday
Facebook: Tanaka Rushambwe

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