Mega Force drips through _Isizwe Sethu_- City of Kings-Zimmagazine

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Mega Force drips through Isizwe Sethu– City of Kings


The streets of Bulawayo have been blown off its feet by the legendary sound of Mega Force in their new release and 7th studio project since debuting in early January last year. The song is aimed at archiving the history of how the city came to be, the struggle of our forefathers in creating the empire state we now call the City of Kings. The song like all the group’s content is entertainment for all age groups and genders as it not only entertains but also educates, integrates and relates to siciety and daily life.

The group emerged from the humble streets of Bulawayo, Mabutweni where family and friends value music, share the same passion and aggression in creating a sound that is more relevant than any other group has made since the decline of Tear Gas from South Africa. The name Mega Force came from the group’s vision to make a remarkable sound and leave a mark in the Bulawayo hip-hop hall of fame. They are slowly creating a viable society with adolescents free from drug abuse and violence. The group comprises of artists namely; AB Smolls, Emysis, Ntandoe the Vocalist, Clodiq & Obreezy

They met up with Guluva 7 and producers Metalic Boys in the creation of this masterpiece, Isizwe Sethu after the sharing of samples between the artists the concept of the song came about. A pure kasi venec tune that relays daily life language to enhance the absorption of the song into the streets.

Fans can update their listening of the Mega Force sound by fishing out of tunes including Monalisa their debut, produced bt T. Jeketere, Kill My Vibe , Bas’thatha Kancane, iBosso Ngenkani which is tribute to the legendary home team, Highlanders FC & the imortional Believe that were produced by inNora. Another exceptional contribution made by the group is none other than the famous Kuzolunga which is a term used to comfort those in misery and sorrow, promises of a better day ahead.

AB Smolls talks on their new song as quoted; ” l believe a time for a Change has come MEGA FORCE does not carry entertainment we carry a cure a solutions to the modern generation so the World better be prepared for the Movement of MEGA FORCE it’s an international Movement to make the world a Better place for us all.”

This group is a peck of wolves, soldiers whose ammunition lies in the power of their voices. The streets of Bulawayo and the world better be prepared for more influential sound to take the hip-hop scene to a whole new level through the upcoming Mega Force . Fans can update and stay updated in their following by looking, liking and following on Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud. Their music is marketed and distributed by Dr Ckhupha as well, and the Shut Up & Groove Events stable based in Bulawayo.


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