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 By Dr ckhupha

As you already know, Melissa Masty  is one in a million models, one fit to be a leader through her remarkable views of her profession and its industry. Unlike our usual, over-obsessed about how much skin they reveal and how thin they can get, she is more about her virtue as a model. She views modeling as a role to showcase and bring works of fashion to life. She is fashion brought to light.

Since the beginning of her career, Melissa has made the world aware that modeling is but the promotion, display as well as advertising of commercial products. Probably the only viable faith that has her walk up and down each stage she takes with that gracefulness and confidence envied by most upcoming models. She is all about creativity and innovation, a definite empowerment to the feminism and anti patriarchy society that this modern world resides in.

In the course of her career she has noted how most of the modeling agencies in Zimbabwe are not sufficient ladders for models to reach the climax of their potential as they do not give enough exposure to the models in the industry. As such as a determined young lady she has sought green pastures which of late has led her to the  ‘Horizon Modeling Agency’ in South Africa.

Prompted to stage between Miss Red & Madam Boss she goes with Miss Red as the levels of ambition between the two are remarkably inline. Hard work and becoming a role model to artists of the same trade has helped them both grow themselves from the inside out.
Melissa  is more enthusiastic about representing her nation Zimbabwe on the world stage as nothing but growth and exposure is her forte and she sees herself as the future icon of modeling not just in Africa but worldwide. She believes in the power of being herself and not pretending as the true value of a woman lies in who she truly is and never what she pretends to be.

Watch the space as Melissa  “brings the works of commercial art to life.” Continued support from fans, friends and her aunt that is big of an inspiration to her through all the challenges the industry has her come across have kept her going this far and given her the strength to keep her head high and aim even higher.

You can get in touch with Melissa on

Ig : yehlow_chynaa_zw
Fb : yehlow chynaa
Email :


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