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This May, local rapper, Mistreey will yet another chapter (piece) of his life through an album that is aptly titled ‘Missing Piece’.

The fourteen track E.P is a continuation of Mistreey’s real life story and will pick up from where his debut effort, The Puzzle Pieces, left off. The rapper said his new album goes a long way in explaining how life is without his father (missing piece) and all the challenges he and his family have faced as a result of that.
“This EP was inspired by my late father, he always told me never to give up on lifelife. The album also touches on other issues that I felt were pertinent like youth empowerment, social discourse and the creation of an idea sharing environment, but most important of all, the promotion of local culture.
“It’s going to be released over the internet and will be made available for music lovers on platforms such as Soundcloud and Reverbnation”, said the rapper whose real name is Ronald Nyamusure.

For The 28 year old emcee this album is a source of inspiration, a body of work that he hopes will resonate with his following.
“My hope is that the album will give people hope, will change people’s perspectives to life. The underlying message being that, if you want to make it in life you have to fight for it”, said the Mbare-based rapper.

It remains to be seen how the album will perform upon its release but Mistreey is one of those emcees who seems to have found a way of making music that connects with his fans on a deeper emotional and intellectual level. There’s no doubt whatsoever that this new album will carry on in the same vein and also do a lot more for local hiphop, which is in dire need of a direction and identity right now.

This just might be local hiphop’s own ‘missing piece’.

So just who is mistreey

Ronald Nyamusure populary known as Mistreey born 29 April 1990 in the city of Queens Bulawayo is a Zimbabwean rapper from Mbare in Harare.Mistreey did his primary education at Rainham primary school and went on to complete his high school at North court high school in 2007.
Mistreey’s music career started in 2010 when him and his two friends TevVin and Dj Krownick started an indipendent record label Xsodus Records in what they called the shed back then in Staplefoad/Mashonaland West but later relocated to 29 Zambe street in Mbare national.After a year of recording in Mbare under Xsodus Records Mistreey released an eight track mix tape [The 8 pieces] on the 23rd of March 2014.The mixtape featured TevVin,Jnr Cee and Dj krownik,with tracks like Mapisa Muclub,Mastreets akazara and Takumberi the project managed to get recognition all around the streets and in clubs all around Harare.The track Takumberi from the mixtape was later featured on the ZimRapCities vol 54 hosted by Prometheus.The massive recognition of the mixtape made Mistreey a house hold name and earned him performances in clubs (Big Apple,Club Barca,BookCafe) and events all around Harare.

Later in 2014 Mistreey featured on one of the craziest ciphers in the streets [The Mbare Cipher] prod by TevVin featuring Dj krownick,Slick tick,Rap 2c,Sir question mark,Mc Fire flame and Four Stroke.The cipher was accepted well by the streets for its originality and crazy flows.It was also featured on the ZimRapCities and the video went viral on WhatsApp and managed to get airplay on ZBC TV

In the same year Mistreey released his first solo project an eight track E.P [Puzzle Pieces] also produced by TevVin under Xsodus Records.The EP is one of the rapper’s finest and most successful projects to date.The rapper’s real life story from his childhood to the death of his father can be heard in the EP,his pain,anger,love,hate,happiness the EP said it all.Spending almost eight months on the EP on the 23rd of March 2015 the label anounced the release and launch of the EP online.With tracks like Zvondirwadza,Ndiregerereiwo and Welcome home from the EP the rapper made sure his story was loud and clear.For the track Zvondirwadza Mistreey did a video,directed by king Arthur 14 Ent.The video was done at Matapi flats in Mbare and some shots were taken around Mbare musika and Methodist church in Mbare national.The video was also launched online.

Mistreey is one of the five members of a Zimbabwean Afro hip hop group called Afreeka [FYP,Sage the Grand,Dakid Verse,Mistreey and TevVin].On the 25th of May 2015 in celebration of Africa day Afreeka realesed a single called Africa.The single was was launced online via www.hulkshare.com/afreekamusik and also on Z.B.C tv on the popular TV show Zim Hip hop report also hosted by Prometheus the same day.The single receaved massive airplay on Star FM,ZiFM and all radio stations in Zimbabwe.For the single Afreeka did a video directed by Dj CC Xclusive,Mistreey and Just Imagine media.The video was also launched online via www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnmkYeX5n9E and it also managed to get airplay on ZBC TV.Afreeka also released a Cipher as a token of appreciation to God for the beautiful and peaceful motherland.They did a video for the Cipher also directed by Dj CC Xclusive.The Cipher was launched online via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozByGa1NjbE

Mistreey’s treasure box also contains a single called Svusvura ndadya which he featured Baller Mandizha,TevVin and Dj krownick.He did a video for the single soon to be released and launched online.The video featured popular names in the Industry the likes of Sulphuric N,Dj Kennie t,Tech nine,Mafia boss[Zim Dream],Empress CC,Rodney killer and Ultron.

Currently Mistreey is working on another eight track E.P [The Missing Piece] to be released in January 2016.The EP is a continuation of Mistreey’s real life story from The Puzzle Pieces.The rapper explains how life is without his father(missing piece) and all the challenges him and his family are facing.

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