Natasha Vimbai Z Remains rooted to her values(Zimmodel)-Zimmagazine

Natasha Vimbai Z is a catwalk model and fashion model aged 19.Currently studying Access in nursing in the UK where she’s now based.She is also a part time social worker.

She joined the modelling industry in 2013 when she contested for Miss Schools and won an award for Miss personality. There after she contested in Miss Environment when she was 16 and was given a title for Miss popularity and 2nd Princess.

In 2017 she then contested in Miss Teen Summer and she managed to get an award for Miss Personality.
In August 2017 she then started applying for her UK visa where she’s now based with her family.
Meanwhile she started applying for fashion model.She then started her fashion model in 2018 where she showcased for one of the most famous shops in the UK Marks and Spencer .

Vimbai then took a break for a while that’s when she started college.Started studying Access in nursing and now she’s in her last year to go to Uni at the University of Oxford.

Early 2019 she applied for Miss Africa Great Britain.She was given the opportunity to represent Zimbabwe and Manchester on the 4th of October next month and hoping to take the crown home.

Natasha is also a phenomenal woman who is a motivational speaker,cook and makeup artist.She is an Ignite Youth and she helps youth with depression,addiction and suicidal thoughts.

Natasha is a fizzy character who believes one person can make a difference in the world if they can atleast try and that’s what she’s here to do.

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