New aspiring graphic designer on the block for take-Tafie McSmit

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New aspiring graphic designer on the block for take. Mastering the arts of making cover arts for Albums, EPs, Mixtapes, Tracks etc. His name be Tafie McSmit from Emerald Hills, Harare.

Tafie McSmit – The Vision My vision is to be the best at my work, l need other designers to look for my covers and get inspired by them maybe copy a thing or two. My desired reach is the whole of Zimbabwe Artistry working with me but not me alone maybe with other guys like MDK Designs. I just wish someone learns a thing or two as much as l did from others nobody gets to be good on their own.

I am a very secretive person so am not gonna unveil my identity but what l can tell you is that me and art are like the best of buddies, the level of understanding with art is pure. I always strive to execute my vision with the clients satisfaction and the outcome is an attractive cover that links very well with the story of the song. A lot of designers in my field of arts don’t understand the ethics of the cover and the song. The cover has to come out in an attractive manner on the same note connecting with the song. A couple months ago when l started, every artists l came across l was to do a free for them because l wasn’t sure if l was good enough, so by this l stumbled upon an artist from Bulawayo. His label Excellence Music had recently released a mixtape and he wanted me to make covers for each of the tracks so l got in my lab starting working and the ones l had made he told me “your artworks lack alignment and they are basic” and l was like okay, to someone these words gun their drive down but these words motivated me to go hard and today l make good covers.

Artists Worked With
In my short-run l have worked with;
Q Yung Cee
Quan Tha Don
Micheal Spears
Captain Million
Neznesto Cali
Haze Spiff
Azaz Numan

Check some of his works below

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