Noble Stylz vs Gze : The rap beef explained by Tyga Sparta

Nothing says rap better than a good feud! The Evolution Of Diss Tracks. What’s beef? Is it when your mom ain’t safe up in the street? Or is it actually the fifth element of hip-hop? Dating all of the way back to when Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang borrowed Grandmaster Caz’s rhyme book and used his lyrics without credit on “Rapper’s Delight,” MCs have been feuding on and off wax for years.

Hip-hop is a culture built around machismo and bravado, so backing down or losing a battle could be detrimental to an artist’s career. One slip-up and you could find yourself with a one-way ticket to obscurity. Certain MCs have built entire careers around beefing with other artists, while others have had their careers d*stroyed with just a couple lines. But what once began as two rappers simply battling over skill has turned into big business, with parody music videos, elaborate stage shows and entire albums dedicated to the coveted battle.

Rappers GZE and Noble Stylz battle escalate to another level. GZE, popular for the hit song Imhandu, had a go at Noble Stylz earlier this week with a song titled Fatality (Noble Stylz diss). The battle between rappers GZE and Noble Stylz has given local hip hop heads something refreshing during this ongoing lockdown.

It has also refreshed local hip hop and for once changing the battle scene that has been dominated by rivals Mudiwa and Stunner. However, GZE said his song was not a diss song. “First of all, I don’t consider that a diss record because everything I spoke on is facts, its the truth.

“It’s something that anyone that follows the culture can look into and see. “Some of it might not be hard facts but it’s debatable. “The record is musical but it stands from a real issue after he had poked fun from an issue I had initiated,” said GZE.

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