Odza Bless is believed to be the best new artist on the block-Zimmagazine

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Odza bless aka Boss Xhirungu is a Zimhiphop and afro pop artist.He is from Chitungwiza but is currently residing in Mutare.He is a signed artist under Samanyika Tribe also being the C.E.O of XhirunguXheduEntertainment Company.Boss Xhirungu has a lot of singles under his name wich were done before that paved a way for him to become a proffesional artist.As a young artist he is believed to be one of the hard working young artist as compared to those who have been in the industry for a long time .So to prove on what the rapper is saying , Currently he is working on an Extended Play (EP) called Xhirungu Life Ep.The sound of his Ep makes him believe that he is currently the best new & young ZimHipHop artist.

The Extend Play consist of artists like TeamBhooBoss & Zexmaine,On the Production side there is Tanto wavie ,Bless beats ,Zexmaine,Good beats. Ti gonzi & Exq being his inspirator made him came up with a royal sound in HipHop.He also referred his Team Samanyika Tribe as a hard working brand in Mutare wich made him came up with something inspirating to other fellow artists in Mutare. .He is just urging people to wait for his EP as it has reached final touchs.

The Ep surely is gonna be good to all listeners of all age groups.
The Rapper is going to drop his single called TUNHU TWEDU on Zimmagazine.

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