ZIM MAGAZINE took a brief moment to talk to Sikhethelweyinkosi Perpetual Siwela, a co-organizer of the first ever ground breaking Miss Leap Year, 2020 to take place at Shoe Strings Back Packers, Victoria Falls on the 29th of February. She has confirmed that the event preparations are well underway and the show is set out to be a good one, just as anticipated by members of the public and the over 29 participants to compete for the crown on the day. “So far everything is on set , we are ready to pull the show but we are still trying to get sponsors for our models out of victoria falls, for their transportation.” Sponsors are welcome to contact Miss Perpetual and other organizers and lend a helping hand for these ladies striving to build a career for themselves using their God given talents.

In her two year career so far, Miss Perpetual has seen through challenges as a model that shaped her desire into forming and coming up with her own framework and doing her own events because of how hard it has been to secure a place in other agencies’ events. They are usually not forthcoming to younger models and people with no connections to be made part of. “I have faced challenges of underestimation in the modelling industry, I’m a “freelancer” so its hard for me to find gigs for myself where as those with agencies are easily connected. And finacial problems, to name but a few.” These challenges and more usually lead to young models re-considering their career prospects as they think they can not overcome them. Miss Perpetual is one different from such; she is brave and courageous, never been a quiter.

Upon her joining the entertainment industry/ showbiz in 2018, Miss Perpetual has not sat on her hands and hoped to be picked out as the greatest, she has been about her career. “Well, these past years I have been part of #The Future is Young Project and Miss Mosi 2019, but in 2020 and beyond, I want to and I’m hoping to have my own.” Quite a brave thing to desire for a 20 year old model. This is what is reffered to as ‘beauty with the brains.’ Miss Perpetual has been involved and participated, is yet to participate more, as a model as well rather than a co-organizer. She was a participant in Miss Victoria Falls, from there she went on to participate in Miss Tourism Mat North 2019 and Miss Summer 2019. These have grown her in the past year to a better model and enthusiast than most models her age have been.

For Miss Perpetual, 2020 is no year for rest. Her events calendar is loaded as well, she is participating in Miss Valentines Lupane 2020 on the 14th of February, also in Miss Valentines Bulawayo 2020 as well as Miss Zambia Zimbabwe 2020 to be held in Lusaka on the 4th of April. “We want to inspire both the old and the young, to uplift young people so they can see the bigger picture. Along the way we will be growing our brand as well Beauty Galaxy Organization. We want to be able to hold other pegeants after Miss Leap Year 2020.” This young lady is surely remarkable, it is safe to say she has a lot on her plate, and is still pulling through just fine. This is threatening to older and agemate models in the industry as Miss Perpetual is a set challenge and trend to follow for fellow industry mates.

Miss Sikhethelweyinkosi Perpetual Siwela is a first born in a family of five children, four girls and one boy. She was born in the City of Kings, Bulawayo and raised in Victoria Falls. She did her Primary education at Baobab Primary School and went on to Oasis Christian Academy for Secondary education. She has been a modelling enthusiast since child hood and kick started her career in 2018. The next big event in her calendar is the first ever Miss Leap Year 2020. Get linked to Miss Perpetual through Zim Magazine to book for shoots and peagants as well as more information on the rising star.

Courtesy of ZimMagazine and Shut Up & Groove Events_2020

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